Building and Investing in Physical and Digital Real Estate

Agile fund managers. Euronext listed. Golden visa eligable.

Web3 Fund

Web3 Fund

The first regulated blockchain fund in portugal investing into Web3.

Real Estate Fund

Real Estate Fund

Building living and working spaces for the communities of tomorrow.

We observe an evolutionary world entering a new cycle


A New Order of self-initiated entrepreneurs will sweep past entrenched structures amid tensions between institutional authority and the people, increasing macroeconomic and geopolitical instability and increasing inequality of resources.

And technology will catalyse it.

The young and adept will adopt to ride the wave of change - to thrive

We call these thriving adopters the entrepreneurial Change-Making Global Citizen. They are our friends, investors, collaborators, and collectively they form our community.

They are entrepreneurs and leaders - and they are not afraid to fail

Members of our community are embedded in the global fabric of influence and action. They are CEOs, global analysts, advisors, investors, and governmental actors, all striving to make a global impact.


They are travellers embracing purpose and service

They value the life-long journey of personal growth and self-realization, have high expectations and optimise their lives accordingly.

They have called upon the Offchain team to represent their interests

Members of the Offchain Team have repeatedly been called upon by our community, our friends, to represent them in leadership roles. We have become leaders in our community. Today we continue to serve our community as advisors, investors, and partners.


Through investment funds and impact-orientated community projects

Our Community makes up the investor-stakeholders of our Fund and the partner-stakeholders of our Projects. We consider our stakeholders to be our long-term partners, and we drive collaboration of this network within and outside of the fund.

We will build the physical spaces and digital domains

We build working and living spaces, both urban and integrated in nature, that support the community. We support these people in their digital endeavours. And we support and foster community projects and events.

With the sole goal of malking Portugal the European Hub of Web3 innovation.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

Golden Visa

Freedom of movement makes you free

OC Funds are eligible for Golden Visas

We offer a turn key solution

Process can be completed in 3-4 months

Cost is €11k and paid direct to lawyers

Includes visas for all family members

Must show €500k in assets

Conduct criminal record check

And remain in Portugal 14 days per year

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Gonçalo Magalhães

  • Built and managed real-estate the last 14 years
  • Fund Manager 18M€ AUM
  • Specializes in sustainable & integrative development

Luca Aluker

  • Founder & CEO of Shooju, a cloud data management company
  • Serves some of the largest energy providers worldwide, banks, auditors, consultancy top 3, traders

Alex Spann

  • Venture and angel investor
  • Strategy consultant and founder
  • Managed co-investment fund (20m in Seed and Series A investments)

David Mihal

  • Entrepreneur and blockchain engineer
  • Worked with Ethereum Foundation, Maker Foundation, Lido Finance, and Quantstamp, Mark Cuban team

NiMA Asghari

  • Founder and investor
  • Founded caspian robotics
  • Invested in projects like NEAR and Mintbase
  • Partner at SeedClub

Kalle Moen

  • Web3 builder and entrepreneur
  • Key player in crypto cyber security company Immunefi
  • Advisor for crypto projects like Fuel labs and CryptoStats

Roy Mashal

  • Capital Markets, 10 years. Director @ Lehman
  • VC investor 18 years
  • Real Estate Developer 20 years
  • Fund Manager, 250M€ AUM

Xanyar Kamangar

  • Tech Private Equity 20 years
  • Angel and Venture investors 15 yrs
  • Manages €200m AUM


Soft landing

Need help getting setup in Portugal? We offer our expertise to the service of our community.

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