Real Estate Strategy

Last modified: 17.04.2022

Our members seek stability in a changing world. They have asked us to locate assets where we can add immediate value, and build for future generations.

We develop cycle-resistant real estate assets, with environmentally responsible methods.

We build to the requirements of our Community. This could mean high-quality urban living and social spaces, as well as workspaces fitted to the leaders of Web3.

We look for markets with the most potential to appreciate. Residential developments integrated into nature, with autonomous water & power, are of keen interest.

We identify where selling prices have not yet caught up with increasing build costs. We can lock in construction costs to benefit from price uplift

Newcomers increasingly value their privacy and security. There is a lack of quality products matching these criteria

Acquire undervalued, low density, buildable land in natural contexts, within 45min of international airports Our structure enables very efficient taxation, especially for foreign and Golden Visa investors.

We have an extensive track record operating under FAM Investments, and through our partners MDG Capital. Over 300m€ and 1b€ developed in assets, respectively.

We offer this through a CMVM compliant, Interbolsa listed investment fund.

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