European Citizenship Programme

Last modified: 04.02.2022

What is the programme?

The Portugal Golden Visa allows non-EU/EEA citizens to apply for a special resident permit in exchange for a 5-year suitable investment into a venture business, or a structured investment fund.

The Offchain value-add

Offchain enables non-Portuguese investors seeking a return on their digital or real estate assets to acquire the Golden Visa.

We accept investment in digital assets, as well as traditional fiat. Our in-house investment managers, VCs, legal team, accountants and innovation specialists will support your journey. We offer a ‘turn-key’ solution to obtaining European Citizenship through intelligent investing.


Applicants need to be a non-EU-EEA or Swiss citizen, have a clean criminal record, and be able to show proof of funds and ability to invest. Proof of funds must show a total net worth of €500k minimum. Can be demonstrated through digital assets, real estate assets, bank statements and equity positions.

Legislation requires a physical presence in the national territory of only seven days during the first year and then not less than 14 days in each subsequent 2-year period.

The Benefits

You, your spouse, dependent children, and parents may be included in the Golden Visa application to live, work and study in Portugal. You will be granted Residency after 3-4 months of initial application. This is valid until the passport is emitted in year 6. There is favourable taxation for non-habitual residents > 20% for 10 years Citizenship access after 5 years - dual citizenship permitted. Excellent health care system and overall quality of life.

The Process

Day 0 - Interest registered with Offchain GV support team.

Day 1 - You will then be referred to an independent law firm. You can of course use your own legal provider.

Day 2- Initial criminal background records checks will be made, and can take up to 3 weeks to complete. Proof of funds must be provided directly to law firm to demonstrate financial eligibility.

Week 3 - Investment must be completed in eligible asset. Legal team formally makes application to Portuguese Border Authority, SEF. Acceptance of application can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months. You are eligible to remain in Portugal while your application is pending.

Month 2-4 - Acceptance of your GV application. You will be issued with a Residency Permit at the cost of €5,200 per each family member.

You now have a Portuguese Visa and Residency. You must hold your qualifying investment position for 6 years.

Year 6 - You can apply for your full Portuguese citizenship. You are entitled to dispose or manage your investment position as you see fit.

Costs All fees paid directly to the contracted lawyers €5k for turnkey onboarding legal fees €1k annual legal fees for 6 years, to support updates to the regulator After 4 months, a residency card is attributed at a cost of €5,200 fee per family member (up to 6 members accepted per application).

Total Cost €11k + €5.2k per family member.

Investment Types

Historically, most Golden Visas have been obtained by investing directly into Portuguese real estate. As of January 2022, the GV will not be eligible for investments in Lisbon, Porto or coastal real estate. Real Estate and Venture investing made directly via Offchain´s accredited fund will still be eligible for Golden Visa.