Digital Investment Strategy

Last modified: 17.04.2022

We are amidst globally turbulent times of change and are observing a generational redistribution of capital.

Investing in Real Assets is still essential for any wealth creation and preservation strategy throughout a global downturn.

But it will be essential to gain exposure to the assets that will be integral to the future.

Investors seek professional managers and require safe and regulated structures.

The winners have not yet been decided, but we believe the mass adoption of blockchain technologies is imminent.

So our interest is in “Prime Digital Real Estate” - the core infrastructure that makes up the foundation of the digital asset ecosystem.

Because the future growth of this entire industry will be atop these core protocols.

We acquire, hold and yield Stable Coins, Blue Chips and high quality core infrastructure assets.

To us, this currently means Layer 1 protocols, Layer 2 scaling solutions, bridges and other cross compatibility enablers.

Exposure here is a proxy exposure to the growth of the whole market.

We offer a fully managed portfolio to drive yield on our assets, as well as seek future capital gain.

All within a fully regulated, listed and risk managed fund structure.

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